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TRC was founded in 1996 by Mr. Bob Payne, the founder of Rodco/ICO in the 1970’s, along with a group of other historians in the sucker rod and pipe inspection industry who came out of retirement after realizing there was once again a great need in the industry for an experienced, service-oriented sucker rod company that had the knowledge and ability to economically manage its customers’ entire sucker rod programs.

When TRC entered the fiberglass sucker rod manufacturing business, it did so by hiring leaders in the fiberglass sucker rod industry. Fiberflex® Inc's former President, Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Pultrusion Manager, Assembly Manager, and Production Manager, as well as it's Salesman, joined the TRC team. Our goal was to start with the sucker rod that was recognized as the standard in the industry, and through research and development, continually improve the product, ensuring Fiberflex® remains the best fiberglass sucker rod the industry has to offer.

The TRC group has earned the reputation of backing up its products with the best service and warranties in the industry. Today, TRC is a leader in the sucker rod industry, providing its customers with focused attention, and servicing their entire sucker rod program, from steel to fiberglass, from well designs to failure analysis.

TRC’s founders formed TRC for the purpose of providing solutions to sucker rod problems for major and independent oil and gas producers. They had a vision that the day would come when production foremen and engineers would call TRC when faced with even the most difficult sucker rod problems with confidence that TRC’s experienced managers would have the know-how to suggest technically competent, cost effective solutions. Today, we have realized that vision. We hope that you, too, will give us the opportunity to earn your confidence while adding value to your organization.



There was a time when you could trust that when a company said their product was “Made in America,” it was exactly that, made in America. Now, to some, “Made in America” means something much less. To some, it means importing components for assembly in the United States. To others, it means assembling a portion of their total production abroad.

Let us be clear. At TRC Fiberflex®, “Made in America” means what it should mean. It means that every component of every product is made in the United States. It does not mean purchasing a few machines to make a small percentage of the endfittings used in our production locally, while importing the majority of our endfittings from abroad. And, it does not mean assembling some of our fiberglass sucker rods outside of the United States.

At TRC Fiberflex® you can trust that when we say “Made in America,” every component of every fiberglass sucker rod was proudly made and assembled in the United States.


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